Update: Portfolio Performance (since November 25, 2016)

Quick stock performance update – hypothetically speaking, if you had invested in all of the tech companies that I mentioned in the Trump Bump post on November 25, you would have realized a 7.34% aggregate return.  For reference, the S&P 500 gained 2.96% over the same time period.  So, in other words, your portfolio would’ve collectively beat the broader market by 4.38%.  Not too shabby for less than 50 trading days worth of work and a good start to the new year.

Here is the full breakout, based on current share prices:

Apple (AAPL): +11.83% *

Microsoft (MSFT): +6.81%

Cisco (CSCO): +2.09%

Oracle (ORCL): -0.40%

*Adjusted for 1/31/17 after-market trading (post-earnings release).

In the aforementioned November article, I also noted that I personally like to hold onto consumer and retail companies through the holiday season and then re-evaluate after the earnings release. In my experience, if you can correctly identify undervalued consumer companies before the holidays, then the boost in sales will most likely help your returns.

Here are a few (albeit, tech-enabled) consumer companies in my own portfolio, that have also performed well since 11/25/16:

Electronic Arts (EA): +5.38% 

Netflix (NFLX): +19.84%

All of this being said, these stocks should not comprise your entire portfolio – I do not advise investing so heavily in one sector.  A portfolio should be properly diversified to help mitigate against risk.  More to come on the subject of diversification strategies later.

Additionally, in subsequent posts I will lay out a few of my top stock picks for 2017 and (hopefully) provide you with some useful valuation tips for crafting your own portfolio.  As always, please feel free to leave questions or requests in the comment box below!


The Southern Capitalist

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