Tomato or Vinegar?

Democrats vs. Republicans. Duke vs. UNC. Tomato vs. Vinegar. Even though North Carolina is a political “swing state” and the home to many opposing views, the great BBQ debate might actually be the most profound divide among Carolinians. You non-Southerners out there might be wondering: how on Earth could barbecue preferences actually be more important than a presidential … More Tomato or Vinegar?

“Pork bellies… I knew it!”

Welcome to The Southern Capitalist! Let’s kick things off by discussing a few basic investing principles using one of my favorite comedies, and an all-around fantastic film, Trading Places. If you’re already familiar with this timeless classic, please bear with me as I bring the others up to speed. Trading Places is the story of a pedigreed and self-righteous commodities … More “Pork bellies… I knew it!”